2020 Wild Africa Calendar

Product Details

Theme – Wild Africa
First Month – January 2020

Calendar Length – 12 Months
Format – Premium Calendar
Language – English
Interior Color: Full-color
Paper Quality: 270 gsm
Cover Finish: Gloss

* We are aware that calendars require paper to be printed and it might be a little ironic that we use this method in order to plant more trees. We have also noticed that many love to take their part but love to have something in return either for themselves or to offer as a gift and calendars are a popular item. Given that one tree can produce an average of 10,000 to 20,000 sheets of paper, using the lowest amount of 10 000 sheets of paper as an example we would have to create over 750 calendars in order to equal one tree. So selling 750 would equal to 18750 trees planted in areas ravaged by deforestation. Rest assured, we are presently looking for a more Environmentally friendly alternative and supplier to offer our yearly calendars.

Full Calendar Preview