Choose Your Plan – Plant Trees Monthly 

Want to contribute to the project on a monthly basis?

If you are interested in contributing to the Give Back to Nature project on a monthly basis, you came to the right place. Here you can choose your preferred monthly subscription. Whether you choose to plant 10 trees or 1000 trees every single one counts in making a difference. Every month, you will be charged the amount according to the plan you choose.

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By becoming a monthly contributor you will:

  • Help rebuild the natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. 
  • Help recreate healthy forest systems that will preserve wildlife habitat and endangered species
  • Purify water sources
  • Control flooding and erosion
  • Help replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming
  • Improve air quality
  • Stave off climate change 

You will directly help the villages and communities which are suffering from extreme poverty by employing villagers to plant these trees. We all have the power to give back, empower people, restore hope, reduce poverty and allow them to support their families.

Choose your plan

If you wish to cancel your subscription at any time, simply click the Unsubscribe button below. If you are having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us