Past Events

Events that have contributed or teamed up with the Give Back to Nature Project.

 Contact us if you are interested in partnering your event with the project.

When: August 4 – 5, 2018

Location: Hudson, Quebec, Canada

Industry: Yoga and Health festival


Commitment to Nature:

10 Trees Planted

 per ticket sold

Contribution: 2110 Trees Planted

When: Sept 29th 2018 at 11:00AM

Location: Island Gym, Ile Perrot, Qc, Canada

Industry: Fitness Centre

Commitment to Nature:

50 Trees Planted

 per ticket sold

Contribution: 675 Trees Planted

Event: Zumba with Gen & Shannon

When: Aug 4th 2018 at 1:00PM

Location: Hudson, Qc, Canada

Industry: Zumba Fitness Event


Commitment to Nature:


Contribution: 423 Trees Planted